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10 January 2018

Why escorts dont go on a second date with you?

There are some instances when an escort doesn't want to meet with a client. These situations are rare but they are happening. The reasons behind it are in almost all cases related to these factors that we are going to run down one by one for you, so this doesn't happen to you. Take notes gentlemen.

1. Don't be cheap

Escorts are actually working their ass off in a literal sense of the world. So reward that effort and give them what you agreed upon, give them a tip and don't cut the costs and give them less than agreed. It's just too hillbilly of a move.

2. So fresh, so clean

Hygiene can be an issue for so many who are hiring escorts. If you are that trucker type of a client, go hire a hooker. Escorts are hi-end sex workers so wash your ass before you hire them.  

3. Be polite, respect them

There are those who are rude and disrespectful, who treat escorts like crap. It doesn't take much to say Thank you or to just not be an asshole.

4. Awful sex

Yes, even escorts don't have to indulge every client's needs. If he's lousy in bed, he's not getting another run at it.

There are so many things that escorts hate that is a determining factor why they don't want to see you again. The bottom line is, be normal and you will probably get another run for the escort puss.