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13 January 2018

Why do men cheat on their wives?

It's a fact that men cheat on their wives with escorts more often than you might think. So the questions pose itself - why do they do it? First off, it would be good to state that the ultimate irony that's behind their shaky marriages is - many of them have hot, beautiful wives! To a big surprise of everyone interested in this subject, there are several reasons why they engage in such sexual endeavors! The first reason is the one that can be easily understood - some of their wives are simply bad in bed. They feel that they need a little break from their sex lives, so they look for something as transient as a relationship with an escort! 

Another reason is, well, a bit of philosophical one. Namely, if you think about it, at some point in your life, there has been a moment in which you got bored with something you absolutely adored at first. Think of some food or something. The human consciousness is designed to start ignoring every stimulus that becomes constant. That's why your eyes ignore to integrate your nose into your vision, even though it's always there. So, men look for some relationships that are not as constant as their marriage is. Something that will tickle them from time to time. It gives them a sense of danger, freedom, and the ability to express all the possible sexual fantasies they might have. They find these escorts perfect for filling the sexual holes of their lives!