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29 December 2017

Why are some girls more in demand than the others

There are so many factors that are making a girl be in demand and you'd be surprised at what makes a girl popular. Someone who is looking outside in would probably say that the hotter the girl the better she will do but things just don't work out that way. Here are just some of the factors that are making a girl the IT girl.

Stress is a powerful thing, one that can make or brake a girl. It all boils down to how the girl presents herself and how much she seems vibrant or "ripe". Our escort service has plenty of beautiful ladies on the roster, so the clients have beauty in check. It is the other thing that has to be in line for the girls to be picked out. Stress shows nervousness, twitchiness and all kinds of unattractive traits that kill the vibe off. Also, women who are in their ovulation days send off pheromones and men can pick it up. This is also a determining factor. The connection that the girls make with the client is also a must if the girls want to have regulars. Charisma and a warm smile are always welcomed since it shows openness and men like it when they are wanted by the girls. So, next time you visit our agency or call some of the girls, start checking some of these traits and we are sure you will pick out some of these characteristics to be true.