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28 November 2017

Umbrella escorts, the new escort breed that likes when you make it rain

Let's talk about the escort rates that these lovely ladies have. As you all expected, they are not cheap, not they should be. If they were going for a dime, they would just be a regular piece of meat on the market and eventually, they would lose their appeal. It's just the psychology of the value. But, the rates that our escorts in Bangkok are giving are more than fair and for the quality that they are offering, in all reality, they should charge more. 

You have a chance to get these escorts divided by the hours that they are willing to serve you. The minimum that you can spend your time with them is 2 hours. That would cost around 5,000 THB. Each hour is 1000 THB more. What we suggest is that you book them for 3 days or more. This way you get to have a discount and you will get them cheaper and for longer, meaning you are actually making a sort of a way. The escorts love it when you spend cash on them, that's a given, but it is the new way of the world. If you got cash you can buy affection and hot ladies. So make it rain, the escorts will appreciate!