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17 January 2018

The Escort who bares it all (Part 1)

After Fifty Shades of Grey appeared in theatres, more and more people want to try BDSM and other kinky ways of having sex, all of which is making each escort's job a bit, if not a lot more difficult. But that's just the beginning, the troubles they went throw are numerous, at least from our point of view. It takes a strong escort to bare it all! This is an article about the psychology and the possible fun you might have with this kind of escorts. The thing with which we can begin with is their past, especially their childhood. It's almost a statistical fact that a woman almost had to have a troublesome childhood in order to engage in such sexual endeavors. We're not talking just about BDSM, it's all other kinds of humiliations and extreme ways in which they go through, endure, and even like! Most of them actually like the way these sexual experiences feel and it's what makes them keep doing the job for such a long time! 

Funny (and brutal) as it may seem, some trauma from the past made them resilient to these kinds of extreme mistreatments. We could probably agree that a woman who has a rough sex with strangers on daily bases - has masochistic tendencies. Now, there's a funny thing about those. The human body is an extraordinary piece of work. Sometimes, like in this case, it finds a mechanism to make the pain more bearable. In fact, for being the ultimate defense against pain, this mechanism makes pain - into pleasure! That's the main reason they stay in this business and the reason their clients love to engage with them so much. There's another thing that these escorts are paying attention to which keeps them in business. You don't have to be a sadist to have rough sex, right? But, you could say that humiliating a woman is a sadistic tendency ( don't worry, it's harmless as long as it's controlled and kept a fantasy). Now, the client can't see that the escort enjoys the pain. That immediately kills the buzz. They have to pretend that they're going through an agony of pain, and that's the way in which everyone is happy!