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17 September 2017

Streetwalker or Escorts?

When you get an escort why is she better than your regular streetwalker? What's so different about an escort girl and better, than a girl who is doing her job and is getting to the point straight away? For all you who still have a question about this, you better read this brief text, that's going to tell you why escorts are far superior to regular streetwalkers.

Sure, streetwalkers are getting to the point straight away, they are forthcoming and there is no confusion with emotions. You go in and you go out. Easy as that. Escorts, on the other hand, offer a wider range of services that blur the lines of sex. This is exactly what the clients are looking for, a simulation of a girl who is into them, even if they are paying her but the relationship can be much deeper than with a streetwalker. There is the infamous GFE where the escorts pretend that they are girlfriends and clients appreciate the effort, service. Paying for sex is a sterile act one that escorts recognized and they pushed away so that they can provide a more real relationship with their clients. This is why escorts will always be far superior in their line of business than streetwalkers.