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26 December 2017

Series: What type of a client are you? Part 3

If you haven't checked out our series yet, go ahead and see what types of clients our lovely dames have to deal with. You just might recognize some in these series. Now, back to the topic at hand. 

5. The pussy eater

There are these dudes who are in love with a woman's pussy. There are these men who are not interested in their own pleasure, they are all about the pussy. Paradoxically, they are in fact giving themselves pleasure since they are so in love with the woman's vagina. They are there to suck on the cunt and make a woman go nuts but they won't even go inside of her or nothing. They are fixated on the licking of the labia and the clitoris that they just go nuts over it. They are the true pussy lovers. It is interesting to think that these men don't care that they are eating a pussy that's open like a market 24/7. They don't care about the hygiene or anything like that, they are mesmerized by the scent and the taste and that's all that they care about.

6. The dude looking for the "NEW" girl

These are the types of dudes who are always looking for the new girl in the house. The naive new girls who still are not aware of all of the tricks and tips of the business. These dudes are here to take advantage of them in a sense that they will give them the least money possible, no tips, no nothing and get the most out of them. Basically, they are taking the advantage of their naivety. These men are just plain trash and there are plenty of them to go around.