OPEN: 24/7

25 December 2017

Series: What type of a client are you? Part 2

Like we discussed in the 1st part of this series, there are certain dudes who hire escorts and in the 1st part, we covered two of the types that escorts get to interact with. As we continue, keep in mind that these are just composites of the clients that our have met over their period of work. It's all described in good clean fun.

3. The divorced/dumped nice guy 

Of course, as you could have guessed, then, there's the dude who just got dumped or the divorced dude. These dudes are in their late 20s to their early 40s, you can smell the desperation on them and they are here just to get their dick wet and get some affection from a professional. They are usually considerate and sweet, they have manners and you can tell why they got dumped and divorced - they are just too good for this cut throat world! They can be placed in the "Nice Guy" category, that's the problem.

4.  The married guys

This is something that anyone would guess but what they don't know that there is a twist to it. These guys are mostly nice guys, the ones that you would think who would never ever think of cheating. Yes, they are cheaters and the reasons are plentiful why they would go and hire an escort but the fact is, there is no party to blame. They are both guilty. It is just interesting to see how the stereotype crumbles before your eyes when you think that the nice guys would never, and low and behold, there they are, sticking it in an escort. Their sweetness and consideration throws you off because you'd think that they are like this with their wives. It just goes to show you, that there's so much going on in today's relationship dynamics.