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23 December 2017

Series: What type of a client are you? Part 1


Every escort has been through numerous clients and over time, there seems to be a type, a certain pattern among men that the escorts go through and they all tend to fall into a certain category. This is very interesting to see since many men think that they are special and different than all of the rest because they get that kind of a treatment from the escort. Sorry to pop your bubble gentlemen, the truth is never pleasant and this is just how things are. Here are some of the types that escorts go through during their service.

1. The Ass man or the Boobs man

There's a certain line of clients who are only interested in the size of the woman's ass and her breasts. It doesn't matter if they are real or fake, all that it matters is that they are huge in size. Some men just want to smother their face in the escort's chest and to "motorboat" it, as it is called. Then, there are those who want to stick their cock between the boobs and fuck the boobs. 

The dudes who are into the ass, just worship the ass and they like to lick it and some even talk to it. Then, there are those who love to suck and lick the actual hole. There are those who have no intention of having sex at all but they just want to get their obsession fed.

2. The one who has the FETISH

Fetishes are some strange sexual desires that some of us have. It is considered to be strange but in all actuality, it is not. Escorts who had a negative reaction to the ones who wanted to suck on their toes or to do some freaky things, now, have a much different opinion on them. The ones who want to be dominated, whipped, canned, the ones who have a foot fetish etc. are the most considerate of all. They are always polite and they always take the escort's feelings into consideration since they are aware that their kink is something that is not familiar to the mainstream indoctrinated person.