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03 January 2018

Series: The types of escorts (part 2)

Part two of these series brings you another two kinds of these escorts and the jobs they do. We continue looking into various types of escorts and jobs they do.

Street escorts  

This is a kind you probably know a couple of things about. These girls have their pimps, guys who arrange the clients and keep them in business! These girls wait at the certain places to be picked up and taken into an exciting and the unknown. This kind of escorts varies from the ones standing on the streets of slums, to the elite ones waiting downtown.

High-class escorts

High-class escorts are the ones usually affordable only by the richest people in the high society! These are the super-hot, super-beautiful girls whos each smile costs thousands of dollars! These girls provide the best quality service, followed by the things they are able to do with those exclusive, experienced bodies! These girls are usually surrounded by rich clients, wild parties, lots of alcohol, drugs and things that come with that high-class style of living! These "out of reach" high-class escorts are usually regarded as the most wanted ones!