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30 December 2017

Series: The types of escorts (part 1)

When it comes to understanding the world of escort, the best way is to explore the various types the girls that work as independent or agency-hired escorts. These girls all have their reasons for doing this job, and would be really interesting to go through them all! Let's review some of the types of these escorts!

"I'm in it for the money" escorts

Some girls just love having the financial security, it's really that simple. They are using their bodies and their passion and lust for sexual endeavours as a means of reaching a goal of having the material things they need! These girls are usually the wildest ones, and they love making their clients very happy since they definitely want a positive answer when they ask for something in return!

Prostitution slavery escorts

This happens a lot. The main scenarios of this kind of girls are the following: they are all promised an awesome job abroad and their passports are taken away from the moment they land. It's not so much of a rare case that these girls are very unhappy at first, and then they start to gain a lot of sexual and social experience they use well later in life! With girls, we take good care of them. They are all under a roof of safety and their well being is our main concern. This is why these infos are important to get out in the public so that the public has a good understanding of what it means to be an escort.