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05 January 2018

Series: Questions and answers (part 2)

Welcome to the part of these intriguing series in which we dig deep into all the things the clients always wanted to know about these escorts girls! Let's go through a couple more of them and see what answers these escorts usually give!

How to give an escort a really great time?

The temporary connection that's established between a client and the escort is a two-way street! The more the client really puts in the effort to get to know the girls he's with, the more of a chance of having a great time he has! These escorts love when someone treats them with respect, and they respond just beautifully! They always love to do sexual exploration with someone in which company they feel natural and relaxed!

How do escorts get clients to love/like them?

Well, it mostly happens naturally! The escorts who have much success in doing this all have one thing in common to say: the girl should be herself! The clients respond to this in a great way, and they love a situation in which they feel completely free to be what they really are! No matter how polished, beautiful-looking or glamorous the escort is - being natural is the secret ingredient that makes her such a great company!

What are the main reasons for men to visit these escorts?

One of the most frequent reasons because of which this happens is that the married men just get bored with the sex they have with their wives and they want to explore something new! The thing they like the most is the freedom they feel, and the possibility of going through that doors and never coming back! A reason because of which the young men do this is, of course, the sexual experimentation with an experienced woman! These youngsters get their first sexual experiences with these escorts!