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04 January 2018

Series: Questions and answers (part 1)


This is a series containing some of the most interesting questions you might want to know the answers to. These questions are frequently asked, so tune in and let's answer some of the most intriguing ones!

Do prostitutes do it for the money or the sex?

Money is always in the picture, and no one is doing it for free, so you could say that they all fall into the "doing it for money" category. When it comes to pleasure: it depends on the client. The escorts who really like sex always say that their pleasure depends on the kind of connection they’ve made with the client, and the way in which the client treats them! The better they are treated - more satisfied they'll be!

What client information are crucial for an escort to know?

Nothing more than their affiliations and wishes. Clients always want to be discreet, and some of them go by a different name. Most of the clients simply don't want to be caught doing something that'll be disregarded as being sinful, especially clients with a reputation, or the married ones! The crucial information an escort should get from a client is the things he likes so that he'd be pleasured and satisfied in the right way!

Why don't escort girls ever reveal their real name?

One of the most important reasons is that escorts don't want to associate their identity with what they do. After all, escorts have social relationships just as anyone else, so they don't want their identity revealed and to suffer consequences that might have on their social life! Their job is still by in large thought of as being sinful and wrong. Those are the main reasons they want to keep their identities for themselves!