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22 October 2017

Prostate massage, think you can handle it?

Many people tried many different massages throughout their lives and most of them exist to bring you into a state of the pure, calm and deep state of transcendental relaxation. Some massages end with bringing that same body into a place of sexual ecstasy. There are so many massages that have the most uplifting sexual ending, you can't even number them all. But, in the sea of all those massages, there's one that stands out - the prostate massage! What is it and can you handle it?

Well, it's only the massage that brings about the most intense orgasm your body can ever produce. We're talking about something you have never experienced before, even if you had thousands of orgasms in your life. This one takes you to a whole another level of bodily sensations and sexual experiences that will blow your mind. This kind of massage is different in lots of ways, and you really should ask yourself whether you can handle it. Why? Well here's the deal.

The masseuse puts you on a nice and comfortable massage table. She gives you the standard but relaxing massage that will lose your muscles, and pacify your mind. At one point, your body is relaxed completely and ready for what's about to happen. The girl slowly starts to push her fingers in your rectum until she locates your prostate. She then starts to massage your prostate and the way you'll feel is heavenly! After a while, you'll experience the best orgasm ever!