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15 December 2017

How to make your guy friends jealous?

It is rather simple really. You just get a better bird than them and rub it in their faces. That's the best way to gain that ultimate alpha status in your group the easy and fast way. There are tons of chicks to pick up in Thailand but why bother when you will be here for a couple of weeks. It doesn't pan out. It is better to just hire an escort who can be your short-term companion and show her off to your mates as if she's the one who you picked up. Plain and simple. 

Now, what are you getting with this? Numerous things. You are getting the respect of your mates. You are getting the affection of a lovely girl who is under your arm. Sex. The satisfaction that your trip to the heaven's gates didn't end up with your prick dry. That is it. And it is all rather simple and easy to do. All that you need to do is check out the site, pick out the escort that you fancy and hire her. The rest, leave it to her, you are here to enjoy the blessings of the beaches and the sunny shores of Thailand.