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09 December 2017

How a girl becomes an escort?

Did you ever stop and think about the girls who are working as escorts? They are all beautiful and charming and that is what they all have in common but their backstory is what's even more interesting than anything else. This is important to understand since they also deserve respect just like any other girl out there. Their stories are all different and their reasons for becoming escorts are also different. There are plenty of ways to become an escort but to actually be one, you have to have some serious reasons and anchors for doing so.

Their beauty is the main driver for becoming and escorts. Their sexual skills and their allures are their credits and their value. Men love to be in their company and these girls are used to be treated to drinks and all kinds of expensive things from the guys. So why not make a business out of it. They would sleep with these dudes anyway, so why not make it official - cash for sex and it doesn't even need to be sex, just their presence. Once you put it like that, many girls are willing to be escorts and be assets to powerful men who got the cash to spend it on them. It's all political anyways. These are some of the reasons.