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23 September 2017

Escorts make you feel good

Have you ever hired an escort for her services? Do you even know how to behave with her once you get her for an in call? Do you know what in call even means? For all these questions a lot of answers need to be given. For a man to hire an escort, it would be smart to do some research before he actually goes and hires one, just so that the interaction goes smoothly and so that he remains in the safe zone at all times. There are many frauds and hacks who want to take advantage of naive tourists and gullible men who are in search for a good time, that they are an easy prey for tricksters who are lurking around waiting to find an easy target.

Do a thorough search on the escort agency and the escort girl you want to hire. Today, this is easier than you'd think. Check her background and see what comes out. Talk to her before the meet via a phone if possible so you get to "cross-examine" her if you need. Tell someone that you will get an escort, a person that you trust, who is not going to be a loud mouth and who is not going to "tell" on you. Do all these steps and make sure that you did all that you need in order to be safe. After that, let the fun begin. The escorts are here to make you feel good about the interaction, so it is your responsibility to make sure that your responsibilities are handled. After that, let the games begin.