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15 September 2017

Escort freelancer

A few things need to be cleared up regarding the escort service and the escort industry as a whole. Recently in the news, there have been plenty of reports about missing women who have been presumably kidnapped and taken away from their loved ones. This can stir up a hornet's nest in the escort business since there are many speculations that some of the escorts are working against their will as a part of a human trafficking ring. This all needs to be placed under rest since this is far from the case at hand.

Every escort that has ever worked in the escort business is a type of a "freelancer". She can do whatever she wants. She gets with an escort service business since this way she can have a much broader reach of the clients and she can earn more money. Secondly, she is free to go wherever she pleases. If the client wants to go to the Bahamas with her she has her passport and she is free to go if she desires so. This can all be checked up front with the escorts themselves and that is probably the best way to double check these rumors. This is why this misconception needs to be buried so that the real value that the escort ladies bring to the table can be enjoyed fully.