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12 January 2018

Do I have to be rich to score an escort?


There is this notion that says that escorts like rich men and that in order to get a hot escort you have to have deep pockets. Now, to a degree this makes sense to think since hiring an escort does require a certain amount of cash to throw out but we are talking if escorts prefer rich men. They are in the sex business that pays so it is all about money. So do they?

The truth of the matter is that some do, some don't. here is the thing. The escorts who are new to the biz are looking to get paid. They are looking to minimize their efforts and maximize their bank accounts. All pretty simple right? But those who get caught up in the chase end up with clients who are soulless, who might want to take advantage of them and in the end, start looking for quality over quantity. Bare in mind, escorts have to give up their intimacy for cash. 

They are in a very vulnerable spot and so they have to take care of their bodies and their emotions as well. Rich men are not kind or respectful because of it. Those who have less are not assholes. It is all about the man who is at his essence so money doesn't say much about the man's character. To answer the question, being rich doesn't mean shit to our escorts, the type of a man you are - does.