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08 December 2017

Business or pleasure, why not both?

There is that corny phrase that we always hear in the movies where the main character is asked at the airport if he is going away for business or pleasure. That phrase is actually true, and people are always asked that question but the answers are the ones that are more interesting than the question itself. Escorts are here to give you pleasure, yes, that is true but they can serve a purpose during business too. See, when you see a fat guy at a congress and he has a stunning lady under his arm, in most cases, she is an escort or a golddigger. It is better to have an escort than the ladder one because in this case you know the deal and so does she. 

So what do escorts have to do with business? They can give you a boost in confidence, they are here to lure potential clients in, they are there to soften the business talk up and give you a chance to shine. Later on, as a thank you, you can have sex with her if you like but the point of it all is that VIP Escorts are here to give you more value, more than just sex and that's an important fact to know.