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11 September 2017

Bangkok escorts recruitment

Anny. Thailand escort model.

If you've read the Bangkok post today you might have read an article that is addressing the recruitment issues that some CEOs are facing today. Their problem revolves around the presentation skills vs the actual ability of the candidate that is applying for the job. Those that possess the 4 A's are the candidates that are going to get the upper hand in this process that carries so many flaws embedded in its core. 

The four A's are:


When we hire our Thai escorts we are hiring them based on both sides of the coin. They MUST possess the 4 A's and then some. These "presentation" skills are a must if they plan on working for us. The other characteristic that they need to have is, in fact, the skill. They have to be good in what they are hired for, in its essence. Clients are looking for a full package so there is no room for mistakes on the escort's behalf. These lovely ladies are having a tough time scoring a proper escort service home so one might argue that they would have an easier time getting a job in the fields that the Bangkok Post is mentioning in their today's article. What ever the case might be for the rest of the business world, our escorts are asked to have some mandatory skills and abilities so that you get your money's worth.