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14 September 2017

All angles must be covered

If you are following the news in Bangkok, you might have seen the report where the ATM machine has been blown up to pieces and 481,700 baht was taken from the box. Now, this is something that doesn't happen too often but it is something that is alarming and it needs to be addressed when we talk about escorting business. The payment is something that so many are still not quite understanding so let's make a few things clearer so that you, the clients, never ever have to run into some awkward situations with our escort dames. 

The payment is something that needs to be discreet for the obvious reasons and we are taking this issue very seriously. For the sole reason so you don't have to go to the ATMs and get blown up like the box did in the news, we prefer secure payments over the credit cards. We understand that there are electronic receipts that are left on the card, the reason of purchase but rest assured nothing is going to be left on your CC, nothing that can get you in the trouble with the significant other. We know our business and we want you to keep coming back so all angles must be covered. With you came to play and play you will.