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Thai Testicle Massage

Hello and welcome to one of the things that we offer as a restaurant offers their home specialty! We will provide you with the ultimate experience of Thai testicle massage you'll ever have. If you have never heard about this kind of massage, even better. It's time for you to try something new and exciting! So, what can you expect from this kind of massage? 

Well, first you choose your masseuse from the model section and be sure you select the one you like the best. This girl will be with you in no time. What she does is: she starts with a nice cozy massage what will relax you and empty your mind. As she notices that you've relaxed nicely, she grabs a bottle of oil, oils up her hands, and starts rubbing your testicles. 

From the moment she touches your testicles you will feel elevated and horny as heck! The way these girls perform a testicle massage is amazing! The more she does it, the more it becomes hard not to moan with pleasure. As she continues to do it, you will feel your sexual tension rising. She will squeeze and release them, and do it all over again until the time has come for you to cum. You will feel the moment of pure ecstasy and this will be the best orgasm you have ever experienced! Try it and you won't be disappointed!