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Duo Escorts

When in Thailand, you want to experience the joys of life. That is why the vast majority of foreign tourists comes to this land, and some of the locals are trying their best to make them welcome and spend their money, of course. And when in a land that is filled with things that will cheer you up and make you relaxed and feel good, it is only common sense that you want to try a lot of it, and that you also want some diversity. And, of course, what kind of visit to this exotic land it would be if you did not spend any time with some of the hot and exotic local babes? That is right, it would be a much less fun visit.

So, while we are speaking about the hot local girls that are available to be hired to spend some quality time with you and make you feel more than welcome, and while we are speaking about the best experiences and diversity that is often desired during these kinds of vacations, the logical conclusion is to combine these two ideas. And that leads us to the fact that the only thing to do when in Thailand that is better than spending time with a local hottie, is to be with two of those beauties at the same time! That is right, and we know that it already crossed your dirty mind at some point. We don't have anything against it, as a matter of fact, we encourage those types of encounters because we like seeing people happy. 

And let us assure you that these girls, while being excellent seductresses on their own, are even better in pleasing their lonely clients when in a pair. Like we already mentioned, they are all experts in making their clients happy, and the fact that they are good friends and have worked together many times gives them the necessary experience to be a good team and do their best to please you. They have many ways of pleasing their customers and are not strangers to bisexual activities. Some of them are ladyboys, so if you want even more diverse and exotic experience for yourself, having a hot tranny and a hot girl together in bed with you sounds like a good plan! Call them and see for yourself!